Cheers, Have a Cosmopolitan and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to Retro Chic Cooking!  Sometimes the old stuff is not so bad.  In fact, much of it is coming back in style.  I thought it would be fun to re-visit many of the old drinks, dishes and times.  That is why I am here.
Come on in.  I am serving Cosmopolitans to celebrate the first post in my blog.  I suppose I should have served a gin martini (since we are going back in time), however, I am a girl and my blog is pink…so, hey..we are having Cosmopolitans!  You truly cannot get more classic or chic than a martini (of any kind).
In fact “since its invention (in the 1930’s), the martini has been the preferred cocktail of Presidents and Heads-of-State.  FDR was known to carry around a martini “kit” during international summits and President Ford thought the martini was the exemplar of civilized life.
‘Prize -winning writers have sung its praise, allowing themselves one (E.B. White) or several (William Faulkner) for fortification when facing the empty page.”  (I am afraid that I might be needing a few of these martinis going forward…some days it is hard to be a brilliant writer!)
“Certainly not the sole territory of powerful men, Dorothy Parker enjoyed martinis as did (and do) many women journalists and authors.”
These quotes are from The Martini Book by Sally Ann Berk.  If you need a recipe for any kind of martini, you should consult this book.  It is truly a martini bible.
I am incredibly picky when it comes to Cosmopolitans.  The best Cosmo I ever had was at steak house called Gibson’s in an area known as The Gold Coast in Chicago (now that is a truly classic old-fashioned steak house).  I have not had one quite as good since then (in spite of consuming them from New York  to Boston to LA to Tampa). That particular drink was perfect in all aspects of a fine martini.  The glass was well chilled and the combination of liquers was perfect.  It is definitely an art to mix a proper cocktail!
I do not care for a very sweet drink, so here is my version.
Classic Cosmopolitan
Serves 3 
6 oz. Citron Vodka
4 oz. Cranberry Juice Cocktail (I use the light version)
2 oz. Cointreau
1/2 Lime, freshly squeezed (maybe more to taste)
Lemon twists for garnish

Chill your martini glasses well in the freezer.  Or if you are in a hurry, fill the glasses with ice and a bit of water.  Combine all the ingredients (except for the lemon twists), in a cocktail shaker.  Add about a cup of ice cubes. Shake well about 6 times back and forth.  Rub the lemon twist around the rim and toss in the glass.  Pour your cosmopolitan and enjoy!
I hope you will stop by often to rediscover some old recipes and have a bit of nostalgia.  Enjoy your Cosmopolitan and I will see you soon!